About asa iceland

asa iceland is an Icelandic design company. We focus on bringing modern sophisticated jewellery to women who enjoy a Scandinavian aesthetic. The name asa is drawn from the old Norse word “áss”, meaning god. “Ásu” also means “life force” in Sanskrit. Asa is also the anglicised name of asa iceland’s head designer, Ása Gunnlaugsdóttir.

About Ása Gunnlaugsdóttir

Born in Iceland, Ása is very much as a citizen of the North. In addition to Iceland, she has lived, worked and studied in Denmark and Finland. She spends considerable time in Norway and Sweden, where she has family and close friends. From an early age Ása was fascinated by handcrafts and art, and loved working with her hands. As a child, she spent countless hours with her grandparents who taught her how to carve, sew, knit and crochet, and embrace traditional Scandinavian arts. This love of art lead Ása to pursue higher education in design. Ultimately, she graduated with a Masters of Arts from the University of Helsinki in Finland.

International inspirations

True to her origins, Ása has always loved to “be a Viking” (although her journeys are of peace)! She embraces different cultures and new experiences. Her desire for authentic experiences has brought her from the highlands of Iceland, through Europe to Asia, including the subcontinent and Africa. In particular, she is mesmerized by the culture of South-Korea, where she lived and worked for a year. For Ása, traveling nourishes her spirit, and from every journey she returns inspired. You can see elements of her adventures, such as hiking in Iceland, Kenyan safaris or meditating in Mumbai in her work. Especially in the ii collection.

asa iceland’s aesthetics

Nevertheless, asa iceland designs feel Nordic. Clean and pure, without pretense. Our pieces focus on feminine and sophisticated aesthetics, with simple lines and finesse in timeless silver jewellery for women. Ása pieces are always comfortable to wear. Each piece shares the magic, strength, courage and joy that inspired their creation with everyone who wears them.

asa iceland also recognises the importance of creative alliances. From the very beginning we have collaborated with other Icelandic designers and artists in the creation of its collections. Our collection includes contributions by Hildur Steinþórsdóttir and Áslaug Saja.

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